KC-301 Due to its high water resistance, desirable flexibility, good permeability and high adhesion strength which Has a variety of cellulose pads for use in cooling systems, gas turbine coolers, pads which use for greenhouses, poultry pads and ect.

Technical Specifications
Solid Percentage 39-41 39-41 ISO 1625
PH 6-7 Nu ISO 976
Viscosity 6000-8000 Centipede ISO 2555
Density 1.01 Gr/cm3 ISO 2811
MFFT 5 ˚𝑐 ASTM D2354

Product Specifications
The type of depression: Anionic
Plasticizer: No plasticizer
Pad permeability: very good
Flexibility: Required
Compatibility: kc-301 Mixed with many water based anionic and nonionic polymers.
Concentrators: kc-301with a variety of acrylic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose ethers and concentrator Polyurethane viscosity are compatible.

Plasticizers: kc-301 is compatible with all types of glycol ether, phthalates and benzoates.
Coagulation Agents: kc-301 is compatible with a variety of coagulation agents including texanol, polymers
402, diethylene glycol mono butyl ether.
during using KC-301 depending on the usage, it can be possible to reduce the film formation temperature by coagulation factors and reach the appropriate concentration using thickeners. Proper preservatives
should be used when used and to prevent micro-organisms from attacking. Glycols should be used. It increases frost resistance but generally does not reduce the film formation temperature.
The standard KC- 301 resin has a shelf life of six months from production date under standard warehouse conditions. The resin should be protected from freezing and direct sunlight. The container should be completely closed after each use.
Normal safety precautions should be taken when using any chemicals. The skin, eyes and mucos are stimulated by prolonged exposure to acrylic polymers. And the glasses should wear around worked.


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