Introduction: The 201-KC resin is a low viscosity phenolic resin. the main features of this product is a minimum usage of phenol and formaldehyde. This resin is available in 50% water soluble.
Application: The 201-KC resin is used as the final coating or glue for wood and paper. Baking is carried out in the temperature range of 120 to 150 ° C.

Technical Specifications
Solid Percentage (1) 48-52 % ASTM D1259
Viscosity (2) 150-280 MPa.S ASTM D1259
Gel Time (3) 35-70 S DIN 16916-2
Free Phenol 2> % ASTM 1312
Free Formaldehyde 1> % ASTM D1979
Solubility in soft water Rate of 0 to 8
Color and appearance (4) Red to brown liquid

1- For 1 hours at 135 ° C
2- at 20 ° C
3- With hot plate at 150 ° C
4- Different solubilities may be observed, due to the difference of water in
different areas. Therefore for ordinary water, the solubility of the resin should
be checked with the same water in that area.
Packing: Barrel or Gallon (as customer’s requirement)
Safety considerations: Avoid direct contact with skin. Proper ventilation if
used hot.
Storage condition: This product should be stored in closed door barrels at 0 to
20 degrees.
Shelf life: If stored in the above conditions, the maximum shelf life is 8 weeks
after date of production (with increased viscosity)


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